Sayeret Matkal & Black September

During the 1970s and 1980s Ehud Barak belonged to Sayeret Matkal -- the secretive Israeli anti-terrorist unit (akin to such special ops forces as America's U.S. Army Rangers, Green Berets, and Delta Force) which once famously stormed a grounded Air France plane and freed 103 Jewish hostages on an airfield in Entebbe, Uganda.

In one operation, Ehud Barak and several other commandos (disguised as couples) entered an apartment building and -- "in their wigs, firing their Uzis" -- assassinated three members of Black September, the PLO-affiliated group responsible for the assassination (in November 1971) of Jordanian Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tal and for the murder of several Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Incredibly, Barak, dressed as a woman, had walked right past a Lebanese policeman on his way to the scene.

[The next morning, the Beirut newspapers reported an attack by "beautiful she-devils, a blonde and a brunette, who fought off the army and the police like dervishes with machine guns."]

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