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Image cropped from a baseball card of Bobby Bonilla from the 1988 Gray Star Series 2 Blue Border set. Credit:

On December 2, 1991, Bobby Bonilla signed a million, five-year deal with the New York Mets—a deal which briefly made Bonilla the highest paid player in professional baseball. Still, Bonilla's first year with the Mets was very difficult. During his first game against the Pittsburgh Pirates (the team which he had left to join the Mets), he was booed by the Pirates fans. Then a golf ball thrown from the stands hit him in the head. And the topper? As he went back to the dugout to get a helmet, he noticed that the Pirates' organist was playing a curious song. Its title? "Take the Money and Run!"

[Though he 'tried to give them 29 million reasons why I should get the money' Bonilla knocked in just 70 runs and hit .249, his worst full season in the major leagues.]

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