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Jay Leno in 2019. Credit: US mission to the European Union (CC0)
"American Chopper" hosts Jesse James and Paul Teutul Sr. once made a custom motorcycle for vehicle afficionado Jay Leno. One day whlie he was riding it, the bike stalled on the side of the road. As Jay tried to fix the bike, passing motorists taunted him: "Nice American Chopper—rich boy!"

Some time later, the "American Chopper" boys appeared as guests on The Tonight Show and Jay announced that he had a bone to pick. "You guys," he said, "wired the ignition through the tail light—so when the tail light went out, the ignition stopped working!"

[They passed the blame to a builder on the show: "A guy who just bought a house, just got married," they joked. "He's fired, because of you!"]

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