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Photo portrait of President Lyndon B. Johnson in the Oval Office, leaning on a chair. Credit: Arnold Newman, White House ...(more)

At twenty-six, LBJ was appointed director of the National Youth Administration of Texas. One day, he passed a colleague's desk, piled high with papers. "I hope that your mind's not as messy as that desk," he remarked. Some time later, Johnson again passed the offending desk—which its owner had apparently made a concerted effort to clear off. Johnson's verdict? "I hope," he declared, "that your mind's not as empty as that desk."

[A survey of Fortune 1000 companies (conducted by New York based Jericho Promotions), once found that the stock of companies whose executives had messy desks rose an average of 4.5 points more than their neat-desk competitors. (Adweek, 1995)]

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