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American actress Louise Brooks. Credit: Bain News Service (Public domain)
Louise Brooks was famous in Hollywood for her love of sleep—indeed "Twelve hours a day keeps the doctor away" was said to be her motto. On one occasion, during the filming of Beggars of Life (1928)...

"Louise was sojourning in a hotel room in Jacumba, California, which opened upon the dancing pavilion."

It was the first night and the band played mercilessly—while the natives danced. Louise stood it ten minutes, then went to the window and called the band master. 'How much do you take in here?' she demanded.

"'Ten dollars—on good nights,' was the answer.

"'I'll give you fifteen if you'll fold up your horns and beat it.' Louise waved the bills before him. Without a word, the leader reached for the bills, served a short order of 'Home, Sweet Home' and the orchestra hurriedly departed."

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