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Marlon Brando by Edward Cronenweth, 1955. Credit: Edward Cronenweth (1903-1990) [1] (Public domain)
Like the actor himself, Marlon Brando's eating binges grew to assume legendary proportions. Brando frequently consumed two whole chickens, half a cheesecake and a pint of ice cream in a single sitting. He was also known to don a pair of sunglasses and a large hat before driving to a food stand in the wee hours to gorge himself on several hot dogs. Food, as the producers of Superman soon learned, was an obsession...

When the "Godfather of Bellies" was first approached about playing the role of Superman's father (Jor-El) in the screen adaptation of the comic book classic, he was remarkably enthusiastic. In fact, he had several ideas of his own. For example, because he was an alien living on another planet, Superman's father could look like anything: "What if," Brando asked the film's producers, "he was a giant bagel?"

[Brando also suggested playing Jor-El as "a green suitcase." Though the producers humored the eccentric star, it was agreed that Superman's father should resemble a human being.]

["In 1683, in Vienna, Austria, a local Jewish baker wanted to thank the King of Poland for protecting his countrymen from Turkish invaders. He made a special hard roll in the shape of a riding stirrup—Beugel in Austrian—commemorating the king's favorite pastime, and giving the bagel its distinctive shape."]

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