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Matchbox Twenty in MTV Asia Awards '03 in Singapore. Credit: Sry85 (CC BY 3.0)
In 1996, Matchbox 20 played a concert with Christian acoustic rockers Jars of Clay (during their "Tour on a Stick"):

"It was a weird scene," Rob Thomas recalled. "At first, we were worried about cursing around the other guys and all that, but they just let us be what we wanted to be. The last show of the tour, though, there was a rule about not cursing onstage—and I have a potty mouth... So right before the last song of the last show, I thanked everybody on tour with us and I thanked the band..."

And what did he say about them from the stage? "They didn't think I could make it through a whole tour without saying 'f---' onstage!"

["There were six thousand gasps," Thomas recalled, "and two stoners in the back screaming 'Matchbox! Yeah!'" ("Everyone kept asking us if we were a Christian band," Thomas recalled. His first inclination? "To say, 'f--- no!'")]

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