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עברית: הרמטכ"ל רא"ל משה דיין. Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Michael B. Oren, the author of Six Days of War: "When Moshe Dayan first got appointed chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] in November 1953, he traveled to the Pentagon in Washington, and they asked him, 'What is your assessment? What will happen if war breaks out in the Middle East?' And Moshe Dayan said, 'If war breaks out in the Middle East, Israel will be in danger of destruction—and our troops will be in Damascus [Syria] in eight days.' In the same breath... Israelis suffered from this bifurcation in worldview... It's the view that holds that 'We are invincible. Our army is the most powerful army on the block. But we're also on the verge of annihilation.'"

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