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An open packet of Polo mints. Flickr photo by Andrew Mason (CC BY-SA 2.0)
On April Fool's Day in 1995, Polo Mints ("the mint with a hole") spoofed the complex regulations mandated by the European Economic Community by running ads in British newspapers announcing that "in accordance with EEC Council Regulation (EC) 631/95" the firm could no longer produce mints containing holes.

"This regulation," according to The Museum of Hoaxes, "supposedly required that all producers of 'tubular foodstuffs' delete the holes from their products. To satisfy the regulation, all the existing stock of Polo mints would be supplemented with a 'EURO-CONVERSION KIT' containing twenty 7mm 'Hole Fillers' to be placed inside each Polo mint. A 'detailed instruction leaflet' would also be included."

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