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Career Achievement Award winner Jason Katims and award presenters Lauren Graham and Ray Romano pose for a photo during the ...(more)

Ray Romano returned home after golf one day and was excitedly greeted by his youngest son, Joe, who was eager to know if he had won the game. Ray told him that, while one can golf with other people, "in most cases you're really just competing with yourself." Despite Ray's explanation, however, Joe continued to ask the question every single time he played. On one occasion, after playing a round on a family vacation, Ray returned to the hotel and found his kids frolicking in the pool, which was packed with children and other parents. "Hey buddy!" Ray called to Joe. "Hey dad!" Joe replied. "I am one lucky father guy," Ray thought to himself. His reverie was soon interrupted, however, by Joe hollering again from across the pool: "Dad," he shouted, "were you just playing with yourself again!?" "All eyes turned towards me," Ray later recalled. "We checked out that night."

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