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Norsk bokmål: Bildet er hentet fra Arkivverket. Douglas Bader, group.capt. på Sophies minde. NÅ nr. 36, 1955. Arkivinstitusjon : Riksarkivet

In 1931, Douglas Bader lost his legs in a flying accident. Fitted with artificial limbs, Bader learned to walk again and resumed playing golf and tennis—and flying with the British Royal Air Force (RAF). During World War II, he registered twenty-two kills before colliding with another plane and crash-landing in France in 1942. The Germans, having captured Bader, informed the RAF that he was fine—apart from one small problem. An RAF plane was soon dispatched to fly over a German airfield and drop a parcel (by parachute) addressed to "The German flight commander of the Luftwaffe at St. Omer" (where Bader was being held as a prisoner of war in the hospital). The parcel's contents? One artificial leg, bandages, socks, and straps.

[After Bader's fourth attempt to escape, his German captors deprived him of his artificial limbs at night. He was freed after nearly four years by the American Third Army.]

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