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Comedian Tom Green performs stand-up comedy during “For the Leathernecks Comedy and Entertainment Tour III,” at the base theater, Dec. ...(more)

"The Tom Green Show" became notorious for Green's outrageous stunts... Tom started intercom pranking in retail and department stores featured in an episode where he and his crew deliberately head into the stores and Tom says random things on the PA like 'tasty corn, tasty corn, tasty tasty tasty corn' or 'Mom I'm lost at the front desk' etc., surprising or angering managers and employees working in the stores. They eventually ask him to leave, after which Tom angers them even more by repetitively going on the intercom or not taking what they say seriously. In one case, a manager forces Tom to stay in the store, citing that it was private property and that he intended make Tom pay a fine for trespassing. As he makes Tom walk to his office, Tom deliberately makes an escape, making the manager chase after him. He even encourages viewers to do it, saying, "No you're not allowed to do that. But if you want to, just go and pick up the phone and press the button that says Page."

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