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Canadian singer Bif Naked at Milan on 3 September 2006. Credit: Wikipedia user kjpm (CC BY 2.0)

While walking her aging dogs, a Bichon named Anastasia and a Maltese named Nicolas, to the vet one day, Bif Naked was horrified when, distracted by Nicolas trying to gum someone, she failed to notice that Anastasia was consuming "a great amount of feces that was left on the sidewalk." 

"She had it all over her little fluffy white hairy face," Bif later recalled. "She stunk to high heaven." Because she had some in her mouth, Bif started "digging and digging" to get it out. She soon found herself covered in feces, with nothing in her purse to clean up with. 

As they finally approached the door of the vet, a disheveled man, who had been following them for a while, approached. "He taps me on the shoulder as I'm trying to collect these two dogs," Bif recalled, "one gnashing snarling thing, and one stinking little feces-covered Bichon. The man taps us: 'I'm really sorry, lady.' 'Why are you sorry?' And he said, 'I had nowhere else to go!'" 

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