1. For his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Jay Leno chose the location where he had been arrested 20 years earlier "for vagrancy: no visible means of support." 
  2. Actor Mark Ruffalo lost his virginity on the first hole of a golf course in Virginia Beach.
  3. On the set of The Hunger Games in Hawaii, a boulder came loose, rolled down a mountain, and wrecked the sound booth. "The Hawaiians were like, 'Oh my god, it's the curse!'" recalled Jennifer Lawrence, who'd been rubbing on the rock to relieve an itchy bum. "I'm around the corner going, 'I'm your curse - I wedged it loose with my ass!'"
  4. When O. J. "The Juice" Simpson was acquitted of murdering Nicole Brown in 1995, Starburst changed their candy's slogan to "Turn Up The Juice." The original slogan? "The Juice Is Loose!"
  5. Transit fare dodgers in Helsinki once formed an insurance company. "With the help of the freeloader's fund," organizers explained, "we can share the risk associated with stealing rides." 
  6. In 2001, Italy's Highest Court ruled that it was not a crime for a man to pinch a woman's bum if it was a "sudden and isolated action."
  7. According to Ultra Violet's book Famous For 15 Minutes, Salvador Dali once employed a lobster during foreplay. 
  8. Ellen DeGeneres got bumped from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson because "Robert Goulet was singing 'Memories,' and kept forgetting the words."
  9. Because the killer in Halloween wore a William Shatner mask, Shatner wore one trick-or-treating with his grandkids. Once, when a man answered, "I leered at him with the mask, and then I yanked it off, and I stared at him. He screamed and shut the door."
  10. In the first James Bond books, 007 uses a Beretta pistol. For Dr. No, Ian Fleming changed Bond's gun to a Walther PPK - after friends told him Berettas were for ladies.